The Pedersoli P53 3 band Enfield

The 3 bafullantiknd Enfield is one of the newest members of the Pedersoli Civil War product line. The aim of this rifle is the same as the other Pedersoli guns: to offer a repro to shooters and reenactors, that is authentic and accurate out of the box, so there is no need for defarbing or accurizing the gun. Therefore the company payed a lot of attention on the periodically correct markings, the shape, color and material of the parts. Buying a Pedersoli gun costs more than any competitor items, but the value received with this gun worth the extra money for sure. Pedersoli offers a gun without compromise.

In the designing period of the gun, the company established an intensive conversation with the collectors, shooters, reenactors to understand the problems they are facing with opther repros on the market.