The Frommer Lilliput self loading pistol

Vest pocket pistols and dlaberringers were always the last line in self defense. These were the smallest firearms in history. The only Hungarian version was designed by Rudolf Frommer, iconic engineer of the Hungarian Firearms history. Born in 1868 he was not a professional firearms engineer, but an financial employee of a commercial bank. He built a career at the biggest Hungarian firearms company as an administrative employee. He started designing pistols in 1898 as a hobby. He never had any engineering degree, but still he had more than 100 patents until 1930. He was appointed to be the CEO of the company in 1914 by Franz Joseph kaiser, that position he fulfilled until his death in 1936. He designed the Frommer Lilliput pocket pistol in 1922, The small pistol was one of the most modern self defense pistols of that time.