Original 1858 New Model Army vs original 1860 Colt Army

coverThere has been a long time argument between blackpowder shooters which revolver is better: the Colt or the Remington. I am a lucky guy that I have one original of both in hand in shooting condition. I know that both of these guns are capable of hole-in-hole accuracy with round ball at 25 meters, so they make good pieces for a comparison.

I would like to replicate 19th century testing methods for this guns. Something like the test carried out at the Royal Woolwich arsenal in 1851 comparing the Adams and the Colt Dragoon revolvers, but of course with a little touch of modernity.

I would like to recreate military testings, so I won’t go for the extreme accuracy, but I am going to replicate the parameters of the old civil war cartridges as much as I can. Both the ordnance manual of the Union and the Confederacy had similar description on the revolver cartridges: a 216 grain, 0.46 inches diameter conical bullet backed with 30 grains of government powder.