Muzzleloading hunt in Gyulaj using a Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken rifle

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Here is another blackpowder hunting story from Gyulaj, Hungary. I was lucky to film the first ever blackpowder fallow deer of my old time shooter friend in January this year. The hunt and the Pedersoli Missouri River Hawken rifle he used were a present from his wife, so this was a special occasion indeed!

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  1. Thank you, Balázs, for the hunting and shooting stories you have published. I was on the verge of giving up shooting entirely when I came across your youtube channel, and there I saw a vision of hunting that I wanted to communicate to my children; where restraint and respect were as much a part of the experience as was pulling a trigger. Now I am hunting almost exclusively with classic firearms, and I am able to enjoy a little window in my life where I do not have the endless push to innovate pressing upon me.

    With warm regards,
    An Australian hunter.