Hole-in-hole accuracy with reloaded BPCR ammo and Uberti 1873 Winchester

1873targetThe 1873 Winchester was surely not the „rifle that won the west” but who cares when the Uberti repro is a real tack driver. I reloaded some cartridges using an old 19th century ideal tool, and I also loaded some BPCR cartridges on my modern reloading press. It took quite a long time for me to figure out the best handloads with BP for the 44-40 cartridge, but I think I finally have the right answer.

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  1. You advertise your Uberti Black powder revolvers as being “Free of sale in the EU” – does this mean VAT/sales tax?

    As an example how much would you charge (Euro’s) to ship a Uberti New Model Army to a UK dealer?

    Love the video’s