Surplus arms


PPSh 41 submachine gun in action – Guns of the 1956 Revolution Part 1 – full video

I always wanted to make a series about the most common military arms of the 1956 revolution in Hungary. Now I am happy to announce that we are remembering the heroes with a mini series about these firearms, starting with the PPSh 41 soviet SMG. History, accuracy, tactics, ballistics. Enjoy! The PPSh-41 was designed by Georgi Shpagin […]


The Norwegian Kammerlader by Svartkrutt

The first Norwegian breech-loader was the 18 bore (.69 cal.) Chamber-loading Rifle (Kammerladningsgever), adopted in 1842. The Model 1842 was succeeded by several models, each with more or less minor changescompared to the original model. The most extensive change was made in 1860 when the calibre was reduced to 11.77mm (.46 cal.). The breech-block, containing […]