Military history

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A beautiful antique military percussion jäger rifle for sale

We offer for sale this origininal Austrian/south German percussion rifle (Jägerstützen). It’s a perfect choice for target shooting or blackpowder hunting. The original caliber was 13,9 mm, but it is remade with modern Eichelberger barrelwith .45 cal, 1:8 twist. She likes both round balls and conical bullets. The wall of the barrel is really thick, […]


PPSh 41 submachine gun in action – Guns of the 1956 Revolution Part 1 – full video

I always wanted to make a series about the most common military arms of the 1956 revolution in Hungary. Now I am happy to announce that we are remembering the heroes with a mini series about these firearms, starting with the PPSh 41 soviet SMG. History, accuracy, tactics, ballistics. Enjoy! The PPSh-41 was designed by Georgi Shpagin […]